Speakers – Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia


Natalia Alekseeva

Workstream Leader, Innovations for Sustainability, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment (OCB), FAO

Rafiliya Bakirova

Orenburg Region Natural Reserves

Vera Burtseva

Director, Research Institute for Sustainable Development in Construction

Tim Christophersen

Head of the Nature and Climate Office,

Natalia Danilina

Philanthropic Educational Foundation “Zapovednoe posolstvo”, Director of the Environmental Outreach Center “Zapovedniki”

Elena Dudchenko

Director of the Opportunities Foundation in support of socio-economic and regional development.

Guy Eames

The Chairman of
the Green Building Council of Russia (RuGBC). He is a leader in green building in Russia.

Boris Erg

Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, IUNC

Vyacheslav Fetisov

UN Goodwill Ambassador
for the Polar Regions

Dmitry Gorshkov

WWF Russia

Viktor Grishenkov

Director of
Ugra National Park

Sergei Gruzd

The Chairman of
the Board of the Tourism Safety Association and is a member of the Government Commission on Tourism Development in the Russian Federation

Oleg Kobiakov

Director of
the FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation

Dmitry Kolosov

irector for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Rosa Khutor Mountain Reso

Roman Korchigin

Director for Development and Educational Travel at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. He is also Director of the Zapovedniki Philanthropic Environmental Foundation

Lev Kozhevnikov

Director of the Center of Continuing Vocational Studies, Sochi State University

Nikolay Kurichev

Dean of the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Technologies
the Higher School of Economics

Vladimir Kuznetsov

'Bashkiria' National Park

Mikhail Lapin

Director of
Sochi National Park

Vitaly Lazo

Professional athlete (high altitude mountain climber), mountaineering guide

Nikolay Litarenko

Nikolay Litarenko leads the Legal Department at the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST). He is also the Executive Secretary of the Working Group to implement the so-called “regulatory guillotine” in the tourism sector.

Olga Lukyanets

Director of the Sustainable Development Department
the Tourism RF Corporation

Irina Makanova

Director of the Department of Infrastructure Projects at the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic. She also heads the Department of State Policy and Regulation of SPNAs at the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Vadim Mamontov

Founder and Director General of RussiaDiscovery, head of Rostourism’s Committee on Adventure Travel

Eduardo Mansur

Director of
the Office of Climate Change at the Biodiversity and Environment (OCB), Officer in Charge of Land and Water Division (NSL) at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO

Daria Matsuk

First Deputy Director of
Roszapovedcenter at the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, where she manages the development of the federal system of specially protected nature areas

Tatyana Menshikova

Acting Head of the Directorate of State Tourist Projects and Safety in Tourism, Rostourism

Marina Nenarokova (Gritsun)

Deputy Chairperson of the Tourism Committee at OPORA ROSSII

Viktor Nepomnyaschiy

Director, Khakassia Nature Reserve

Vladimir Omelchenko

Vladimir Omelchenko is a member of the Public Council at Rostourism.

Ekaterina Pazhetnova

An expert on raising orphaned bear cubs. She works for an environmental non-profit organization Orphaned Bear Cubs Rescue Center.

Alexander Pestryakov

Chairman of the Norilsk City Council

Yevgeniya Podarina

Senior Coordinator managing partner relationships for the Masters of Hospitality Competition
the Presidential forum “Russia – Land of Opportunity”

Leonid Protsenko

Leonid Protsenko is Deputy Director of the Federal Center of Extracurricular Activities, Children’s Wellness and Recreation.

Natalia Polikarpova

Director of Pasvik State Nature Reserve

Natalia Ryazanova

The head of the Laboratory of Geoecology and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources at the Department of Complex International Issues in in Ecology and Nature Use
MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Vita Saar

Director General of World Ecoparks

Kairat Sadvakasov

Deputy Chairman of the Board of
the Kazakh Tourism National Company

Kamal Salmanov

entrepreneur, @visitcaucasia and @villapersica, Republic of Dagestan

Olga Sanaeva

Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry

Irina Sannikova

Deputy Director for Development of Khakassia Nature Reserve

Sergei Shestakov

Lapland State Bioshpere Nature Reserve

Peter Shpilenok

Kronostky State Nature Reserve

Anna Spenceley

Independent consultant

Vsevolod Stepanitsky

The Advisor to the Director General of
the “Far Eastern Leopards” non-profit organization

Vasily Sutula

Director of
the Baikal Nature Reserve

Lubov Timofeeva

Director of
the Kamchatka Volcanos Nature Park

Kirill Tokarev

RBC Network

Natalia Troitskaya

Director of
the non-profit Partnership for Nature Reserves

Kirill Umrikhin

Travel Photographer and Blogger

Maxim Mironov

Norilsk Development Agency

Vladimir Moshkalo

Head of UNEP in Russia

Vyacheslav Shcherbakov

National Park "Krasnoyarskie Stolbi"

Sergey Shevelev

Caucasus Nature Reserve

Yulia Verkhushina

The Head of the
Krasnoyarsk Region Tourism Agency

Olga Voitovich

Deputy CEO for Legal Affairs, Member of the Management Board

Vadim Volchenko

the Minister of
Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea

Alexander Zheleznyak

Zapovedniki EcoCenter

Yulia Zvorikina

Deputy Director at
the Research and Due Diligence Institute of Vneshekonombank. She holds a PhD in Economic Sciences, is a professor at the Moscow Institute of International Relations and the All-Russian Foreign Trade Academy.