Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia

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Two international conferences entitled “Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia”, held at the Rosa Khutor mountain resort in Sochi in the fall of 2018 and 2019, have set the bar for public conversation about sustainable development in the industry of outdoor recreation, active travel, and tourism in the protected areas in Russia and abroad, a topic that resonates with many.

Twice already this event has served as a platform for constructive discussions involving prominent experts from Russia and beyond, as well as environmentalists, researchers, businesspeople, public officials, and community leaders.

The Conference Organizers seek to facilitate implementation of the government directive to develop sustainable tourism as described in the national project “Ecology” and the Tourism Development Program of the Russian Federation throughout 2035. Therefore, drawing on expert recommendations from the previous conferences, the Organizers hereby announce that the 3rd Conference will be held in 2020.

The 3rd Conference, which will take place October 28 through October 31, 2020, will once again be held at the Rosa Khutor mountain resort, as has become tradition, giving participants the opportunity to admire the autumnal gold of the Western Caucasus mountains.

Building on the achievements of the previous sessions, the Conference agenda will focus on practices and will shed light on issues related to drafting rules and standards for the sustainable development of the industry. These rules and standards would have to meet the needs of all players and help to gather business people, government officials, environmental organizations, and grassroots movements around the shared goal of raising the bar on quality in tourism and strengthening accountability for maintaining our natural legacy for generations to come.

At the 3rd Conference, discussion sessions will highlight the most critical issues faced by the industry and will allow the attendees to work together to explore solutions. Furthermore, the Conference agenda will have a regional focus, allowing the participants to showcase the best practices and specific challenges in the sustainable development of tourism for the different geographic zones of the world’s largest country.

The success of the Eco-Display Expo first launched at the 2nd Conference, demonstrated the need to offer attendees more ways to communicate their successes and showcase their products for partners and stakeholders. The Organizers will strive to give Conference guests and participants broad and easily accessible opportunities to make the best use of the Eco-Display Expo.

At the 3rd Conference we will spend more time discussing:

— the contribution of private initiatives towards the sustainable development of outdoor recreation, active travel, and tourism in the Specially Protected Nature Areas in Russia and other countries;
— staff professional development and competencies, and the role of training institutions and higher education in offering professional degreed programs and conducting research in this field;
— successes in the various segments of the domestic tourism industry, including those related to cultural legacy;
— the experience of Russia’s neighboring post-Soviet states and nearby countries in the Far East and in Northern and Eastern Europe.

The Conference Organizers call upon all stakeholders who develop and lead initiatives in nature tourism; educational tourism; active travel (including for children and/or athletes); outdoor recreation; agricultural, culinary, ethnographic, or cultural tourism; or related areas, and offer them the Conference as a platform to showcase achievements, raise issues surrounding the sustainable development of the industry, and together look for solutions in the Conference’s cordial and constructive environment.


The «Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia» Conference will be held at the all-season mountain resort Rosa Khutor, located in the Sochi National Park, a 40 minute car ride from Sochi International Airport (AER). The resort was built from scratch on the Aibga ridge for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Olympic athletes competed for thirty sets of medals in fifteen mountain sports on Rosa Khutor terrain.

Today Rosa Khutor is a popular all-season destination for tourism and corporate events. The resort is famous for its high quality of service, safety, and state-of-the-art technology, and it offers a large number of winter and summer activities.

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